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Walking Sticks & Cane Home Medical Supplies There are many cases where patients prefer being at home to being in a hospital. Medical facilities can be uncomfortable, intimidating places, and many people prefer to receive treatment at home whenever possible. There are now many home medical supplies that make it possible for care to be given at home.

Some home supplies are ones that many people know about: diabetes testing supplies, syringes and insulin; gauze, medical tape, and antiseptics for treating cuts and wounds; canes, wheelchairs, and walkers for those who have trouble getting around. Other supplies are ones that are not as commonly thought of: IV stands, bags, and needles for patients who need to receive intravenous fluids or medications (usually, a nurse or other professional will visit the home to administer the medication); hospital beds to prevent people from falling out of bed and being injured, and trays to put over the bed for easy eating; and support stockings for those with poor circulation. Even things like surgical gloves and masks might be needed in caring for home patients.

Home medical supplies can be ordered from any number of places and delivered to the patient's door. It is especially easy for people with common conditions like diabetes to get supplies, and some companies are good at working with insurance companies to make payment easier. Dealing with a chronic illness or caring for a family member with a serious medical problem can be stressful in many ways, but is a little easier thanks to the availability and ease of getting home medical supplies.

Walking Sticks & Cane

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