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Walking Sticks & Cane Home Medical Equipment Today more people are choosing to care for aging family members at home. Many people resist the idea of moving into a care facility, preferring to stay in their homes of many years where they feel comfortable. This has led to an increased need for home medical equipment, because while the person may be well enough to stay at home, they might have conditions that require monitoring.

Home equipment can be as simple as a hospital bed, with sides that come up and down to prevent the occupant from falling out at night and getting hurt. It might be an IV stand for those who need medications or fluids; a nurse might visit them to administer a course of treatment and it is more convenient to keep at stand at the patient’s house. Home medical equipment can also be much more complicated and extensive. Some patients might be very ill, with heart conditions or advanced stage diseases that require constant monitoring. Families with the necessary resources might convert part of the house into a hospital room with a bed, equipment to monitor vital signs, a pump to deliver medication, even a ventilator to help the patient breathe.

Today there are many ways to get such equipment. Many hospitals and private clinics will help patients set up home care facilities, determining what home care equipment is needed and delivering it. There are also private companies that will provide equipment, as well as supplies. In some cases, it will be necessary for a professional nurse or physician to check on the patient periodically, but they can still be at home, in comfortable surroundings.

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